Monday, May 24, 2010

Swimming Time ... Maybe?

Welcome Summer! It was SWELTERING this weekend in Starkville so John decided we should take advantage of the great pool we have while we are still apartment living. So ... here we go to the pool. Everyone has their "suit" on besides me ... I decided I would just watch and take pictures. John gets in and the water takes his breath away it is so cold. We tried and tried to get MA to go in the water but to no avail.

We will try again ... maybe mommy will get in the pool with her next time. She LOVES to take a bath so I know she will like it once we get in!

She wouldn't let go of my leg when we got to the pool ...

John got her to dangle her feet in the water but that was as far as she got. She whined the whole time too.

I love this picture. Absolutely defiant. Any questions? :)

I think this was her only smile (and its a half smile) during our pool outing.

"Are yall ready? Because I am ... " keys in hand ...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This post is for my mom.

I used to cry and cry about having to go to dance class. I would get half-way dressed, throw a fit that I didn't want to go and lay out across my yellow bean bag. This includes crying and whining the entire time.

Well ... the time has come for payback. My wonderful and VERY smart child threw a fit this morning because she didn't want to go to daycare (or school as we call it). She, being fully dressed, decided she would lay across the bed and protest having to get up. As most of you know, I LOVE my sleep and would rather sleep than do most other things. My child has retained the sleeping trait too.

So, for you mom ... here is your granddaughter protesting having to go to school. Memories?! :)

Bye Bye Pennsylvania

Well ... as a coworker put on Sunday evening ... Back to Life, Back to Reality!

We left our wonderful Pennsylvania bed and breakfast, lunch, and dinner lodge (HA!) Sunday morning and made it back to Mississippi. We had a wonderful time and we appreciate the Reitz's hospitality. Kristen put some great pictures on her blog. Please take time to read her post. She describes our visit so well -- I couldn't rewrite any better!

Also, Kristen was able to catch Mary Audrey giving Collette some sugar and also expressing her support the Dawgs. The videos are priceless. Thank you Kristen for capturing these moments.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring of '10

Well ...

Thank you all for being patient while I have been absent from my blog for a while. It is now the Spring of '10 which a big point in time for us. Our friends, Lloyd & Kristen Reitz, came to Vet School at MSU in the fall of 2005. During their time in MS, we always planned to visit them back in their home state of PA during the Spring of '10. Well ... we made good on our plans. We are in PA during the Spring of '10 and are enjoying every minute. The Reitz's have added to their family since leaving MS so we are excited to meet and play with Collette. Kristen started a blog so we could keep up with their happenings so she encouraged me to post to my blog again. So I have updated from Oct 2009 to current day. Thanks Kristen for the encouragement! All I needed was a little prodding and some time ... and I got both while in PA!

Here is our happenings for the month of May so far ...

First up ... Graduation for our oldest children, Terence Norwood & Le'Shawn Dedeaux. They are our Collegiate 4-Hers that we raised for the last couple of years. We are so proud of yall ...

Yes ... a turkey down! Its been two years since we have had a dead turkey. John had knee surgery last year during turkey season so no turkeys to be eaten. Now ... we can have a good eating! Yippee!

Just arrived in PA and we stopped at Peter's Mountain to take a scenic picture! Isn't PA beautiful!

And one purpose of our PA trip ... to kill turkeys! John accidently got two with one shot! Collette and Mary Audrey were SUPER excited about the turkeys.

The whole clan ... from L to R.
Andy Reitz (Lloyd's brother) with his kids, Tabby & Isaac and John with Collette and MA.

And check out Kristen's blog for more pictures at

April 2010

Easter 2010

Sleeping soundly after having tubes put in her ears. MA did FANTASTIC!

Super Bulldog Weekend. MA finally gave it up at the baseball game. Only to be awaken by a 3-run MSU homerun about 20 minutes after the picture was taken. :)

March 2010

MA's first Men's basketball game. We lost, again, in the last seconds to UK.

Enjoying the outdoors via the backyard. And being a HAM as usual.

Also, showing off our NWTF, National Wild Turkey Federation, shirt. Compliments of da. And how could we not wear our boots too ... :)
Visiting Gabe ...

February 2010

Turkey season starting soon ... MA is getting in the spirit!

The major events of January 2010 ...

1. MA's first haircut at The Bink.

2. An AWESOME trip to visit the Iles' in Woodworth, LA (outside of Alexandria). See Amanda's blog post for summary and pics.

December 2009

MA enjoyed setting out the Christmas decorations.

Santa was very good to Mary Audrey ...
A Barbie 4x4, kitchen set, and grocery cart!

November 2009

Traditional Thanksgiving ... Daddy killing a deer before we eat our turkey!