Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28 Drs Appt

Everything went well at our drs appt this morning. Mary Audrey is still growing even though I lost 2 lbs over the last two weeks. We saw Dr. Cobb this morning instead of Dr. Lott since he was out of town. Dr. Cobb said my tummy is measuring normally so all indicators point to a normal size baby.

After our appointment, we did run down to the secret sonogram place to try to see Mary Audrey's face with a 4-D sonogram machine. We went a few weeks ago and she was not cooperative at all. She was very low, face down and would not move a muscle for anything.

This morning I didn't eat anything before we went to the dr hoping that would encourage MA to move around while we were getting the sonogram. Well, she did move around, just not her head. She was again, very low and face down. Only this time, she was actually moving her head side to side as if to say, "you are not getting a picture of my face if I have anything to do with it!" She did roll over and we could see her mouth moving and of course she was moving her arms, hands, legs, and feet. But she would never turn her head enough for us to get a blimpse of it. We will just have to wait to see her when she arrives. The technician did show us that she does have a little hair on her head so that will be interesting to see how thick it is. I asked the technician if she could approximate her current weight. After taking measurements, the technician calculated she weight 4+ lbs.

NEXT APPOINTMENT: August 11, 2008

Below are a few pictures from her sonogram today and two weeks ago. The first picture is to confirm her girl parts. I had a dream last night that she came out a boy so it scared me a little ... :) The second picture is her heartbeat ... it was 140 beats per minute today. The third picture is of one of her foot. And the last picture is a side view of her face. You can see one eye and part of her nose. That is as good as we could get!

Carpet and Furniture are in!

John and I were able to put the furniture in Mary Audrey's room last weekend and we also put some of her items together this weekend. Here are a few pics of her new room. We are waiting on the bedding to be sewn and I have to get some decorations for her walls.

Here is her new beautiful baby bed. The bassinet we put together is to the right in the picture. Her bed is full of gifts friends and family have given us so far. Now that the furniture is in place I have somewhere to put all of her things!

Here is her closet ... full of clothes, diapers and wipes! We did put the stroller and car seat together this weekend. John called her stroller a buggy. LOL!!!!! Momma is making her some fabric "curtains" to use as closet doors.

Her proud daddy! He just can't wait until she gets here ... he just smiles ear to ear all day, everyday!

And here is her big momma and the beautiful new dresser/changing table. The furniture turned out better than I thought so I am really excited about it.

Church Hosted Baby Shower

Our fabulous friends at church hosted a baby shower for us on July 12. Everything was perfect from the company to decorations to the food. Everyone was generous with their gifts ... I was really overwhelmed. Thanks gals for putting this on for us! :)

Here are some pictures to capture the afternoon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 14 Drs Appt Update

We did have a good drs appt yesterday. We had a sonogram to check on Mary Audrey's growth due to my low weight gain. I did gain 3 lbs in 2 weeks so I am up to 12 lbs total now.

John and I were amazed at the ultrasound and how much Mary Audrey had grown. Her head was turned so that she was looking at us but we could only see half of her face. We did see her move her hands and feet and of course I could feel her kick me every once and while. We weren't able to get any good pictures because she was very stubborn and wouldn't roll over for the sonogram technician (even though I think the technician tried to push that sonogram instrument through my stomach trying to get her move). Our appointment was at 3:00 p.m. and Mary Audrey is normally not active in the afternoons after I eat lunch. She normally just chills at that time ... go figure.

The technican was able to confirm that she is a girl so I don't have take anything back, thank goodness. Mary Audrey's measurements placed her in the 38.5 percentile of babies at the 30-week mark. Dr. Lott was pleased stating that he likes to see babies in the 30 - 50 percentiles at this time. So, everything is cool with Mary Audrey.

We did get a call today that the carpet actually arrived in Starkville. Hopefully we can get it installed on Wednesday, July 16 before we leave for 10 days on work related activities. Then her room will begin to take shape.

Please continue to pray for us and Mary Audrey's growth. I am feeling good but starting to feel the effects of less energy as I enter this 3rd trimester. John and I have our HUGE work related projects over the next 14 days so pray for patience and energy for us to make it through.

Next appointment: July 28 @ 8:00 a.m.

Monday, July 7, 2008