Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Time!

Our azaleas are blooming ... aren't they gorgeous?

Pictures with the Easter Bunny at Polka Tots in Starkville. MA would never look forward ... side to side but never straight ahead. Too many distractions I guess. I was glad she wasn't afraid of the Easter bunny.

Cool Breeze. MA is not a fan of the sun in her eyes so we got her a pair of shades. She is so cute ... and she really doesn't want to take them off. Even better!

LOL ... Aren't I funny?

MA's Easter basket is ready for the Easter bunny. I wonder what he will bring for her. Stay tuned ...

Last but not least, thank you Amanda Iles for sewing this wonderful blanket for the sick! John loves it. If you would like more information about this custom blanket, please visit The custom blank comes with a inside pocket for the remote, cell phone, etc. And also has a hole for the remote so your hand(s) won't get cold while changing the channel.

ACL Reconstruction

I have added another baby recently ... John. He had ACL reconstruction surgery on March 24. He will non-weight bearing for 4 weeks. We have made it through 2 weeks so far ... 2 more to go. I was a rough go at first. Neither he nor I realized how painful it was going to be. But we got the stitches out today so we are doing well.

Here are the before and after pictures.

6-month Shots

We had our 6-month shots in late March ... can you believe MA is 6-months old? I can't. It has gone by so fast ...

Anyways, she weighed a womping 17.6 pounds and was 26 inches long (I think). Dr. Shirley said she was looking good and admired her first tooth. I have tried to take a picture of it but MA won't keep her mouth open long enough to "snap" the pic. I will keep trying.

The shots went fine. She cried all of about 20 seconds and then it was over. She is such a big girl!!!!

Sitting Up

I think Mary Audrey learned to sit up from taking her nightly baths. She loves to play with the "duckies" in the bath and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to look at the baby in the mirror. She just talks to her every night ... so cute!

Visit to TN

Patrick & Kathleen climbing in the stroller we brought with Mary Audrey in it. Thank goodness she got out before they got in! :)

Aunt Gigi with MA.

Uncle Jo Jo with MA. He has a special bond with girls, you know ... :)

Mary Audrey riding in the trips train wagon. Kathleen had taken a break to eat some popcorn. What a surprise ...
MA in the famous Tonka truck. The trips push each other in the truck and run into walls and people. However, I didn't let them push her in it. I didn't want her to be scared for life of big trucks.

Kathleen taking it easy with Mimi.

MA ... "I think the crew went that way." I have the playroom to myself!!!

Erin playing with the boys. Micah laughing on her shoulder and Patrick in the chair.

Jo reading to the trips. L to R: Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen.

Meal time. I think it is their favorite time of day ... :)

MA sitting in the Elmo chair. She wasn't very fond of it.

Mimi and the kids ... All the trips are climbing on her and MA is playing with her feet.

Erin and MA. A great pic!

Hat Obsession

Mary Audrey has recently become obsessed with hats ... usually that men have on. She loves their texture and likes to try to take them off.