Thursday, May 21, 2009

Growing, growing, growing ...

Mary Audrey is doing something new every day. I just don't know if I can take this fast growth. She is such a happy baby and loves to play, crawl (yes, we are crawling now), and smile/laugh. Here are a few minutes from the last couple of weeks.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day. Please take time to honor our veterans and current troops who protect our country.

This is what I see every morning when Mary Audrey wakes up. That hair ... you can't help but love it! :)

Playing with Kade while momma visits with Betsey and the Smith Twins, Kaylie and Addie.

Playing with Kaylie and Addie's car seats. No, no Mary Audrey!

Ready for breakfast momma. Her shirt says, "Daddy thinks I'm sweeter than sugar."

Last weekend, we attended the Thompson/Jousan wedding in Pontotoc. John is friends with the groom and was a groomsmen in the wedding. The photographer did take a family picture of us. I can't wait to see it. This is the picture that lead to me leaving my phone in the church in Pontotoc. We had to drive back on Sunday to get it ... can't live without my phone!

Sweet Kaylie showing off her pimpin' hat! Get it out of my eyes mommy!

Addie sporting her LSU cap. This was Kade's hat but it wouldn't fit on his head when he was born. He was a 9 pounder too! But it fits little Addie's head. Her Pops in Baton Rouge loves it!

Mary Audrey playing with Betsey's mom, Lucy or aka Wao Woo.

Playing at Outback. Who wouldn't be excited about looking eating at Outback!

Daddy and his girl

Playing at mimi's. Silly girl. And MA, put your legs down. That is not very lady like.

Talking with PawPaw.

That smile ... melts my heart!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. Mine was good and eventful too. First, we dedicated Mary Audrey at church on Mother's day. That was very special and she was so good (see picture below.) However, that does not come without a some hiccups. As you can see below in our picture, John is decked out, thanks to Mr. Sammie at Smith & Byars, but I am in the usual clothes. I went dress shopping at Belk on Saturday and found a cute dress (actually 2) to wear on Sunday, a) because it was Mother's Day and b) because MA was being dedicated and we would be in front of the church. So ... i was so excited because of my new dress and matching shoes. Well ... I got to put the dress on and what do I find????? The stupid security tag was still on the dress. How did we get out of the dern store with the security tags on both dresses????????????? HELLO!

Anyways, I finally got over that and moved on. What can you do ... Nothing. So ... I just relaxed the rest of the day, spent time with MA and my mom. We three did go to the hospital to visit our friends Betsey & Lydia. They both had given birth to their children ... Betsey had twins, Kaylie & Addie last Thursday and Lydia had Reed on Sunday. Both were doing fine and babies too. :)

I took MA to school Friday and this is what I received. Isn't it precious??

Here is the flower behind the sign.

Here are all the flowers I received for Mother's Day. Mary Audrey sent me the tall Gerber Daisy to work on Friday. I wonder how she got her Daddy's debit card?? And the roses are compliments of Belk ... for being a big contributor to our economy!

Baby Dedication 2009
I think we are a "pretty" family. We clean up real nice.

I can't resist the fangs. MA has gotten her top eye teeth in first instead of the middle ones. She is so adorable. (BTW, she does have her two bottom teeth but she didn't want to show those.)

And look what is blooming in our front yard? I usually have to wait until June for my first Magnolia bloom but I didn't have to wait this year. They are so gorgeous and fragrant.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter Bunny came!

We had a wonderful easter weekend. Since John was still laid up, we just hung out, relaxed, and played all weekend. Here are a few shots from our fabulous time together.
My sweet little easter bunny!
Our instructions for dying eggs.
Mary Audrey is EXCITED about dying eggs.

We're ready! :)

"Daddy, are you ready?"

Here we go!

Finished. Isn't it pretty??

Easter Morning. The bunny came and brought Mary Audrey a Fischer Price cell phone and a strawberry shortcake DVD.

Easter card from Mom & Dad.

MA checking out her DVD.
Playing on her playmate.

And who could resist that hair!

Or those cheeks!