Friday, February 13, 2009

My new friend ...

Mary Audrey attended her first game at the Hump this past Sunday. It was 4-H day at the women's basketball game. The lady bulldogs beat those lady tigers. During the game, we were able to interact with Bully and got our picture made. Isn't she precious?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cereal Time!

Mary Audrey has moved up to eating cereal a couple times a day. She is doing great with it ... she opens that mouth up wide for the spoonful of cereal! YUMMO!

And no Anita, I don't make it soupy for her anymore. It does have some substance. :)

Life after cereal ... catching some good zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's in momma & daddy's bed.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Long's miss the Iles'

We had the pleasure of hosting our fabulous LA friends this weekend ... The Iles (or 2 out of the 3). We missed you Clint. Amanda and Jack came to visit us and to attend the suprise going away party with our mutual friends, Kristen and Dr. Lloyd (see also From Dixie to Dairy ...

Jack is almost two ... who can believe that. He was very interested in Mary Audrey and what she was doing all the time. He was very sweet with her and gave her kisses all the time. Amanda and I have a master plan to get them together later in life ... but we will see what happens!

"Jack, don't kiss me in front of our parents."

Jack mooning Mary Audrey. He loved her bumbo seat and decided to sit on top of Mary Audrey. :)

Jack & Mary Audrey playing together in the play yard. Won't they make a cute couple??

Jack assessing the bouncey seat situation.

Jack and his hunter friend, John Long.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Growing up too fast ...

I caught Mary Audrey holding her bottle this weekend. She will hold it for a few seconds after she drinks a good bit of it. She can't hold a full bottle yet but at least she is interested. :)

I love my thumb!

Mary Audrey is not a fan of the pacifer so she has become one with her thumbs. I caught her napping in her play-yard last week with her thumb in her mouth. So cute ...