Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drum roll, please ...

I present to you the 2024 Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics ... Mary Audrey Long!

Don't those thighs look like those of the Olympic Gold Medalists? I think she is well on her way. Two things stand in our way, 1) must stop the thumb sucking and 2) the temper tantrums at practice. Although, I have read other gold medalists also had tantrums themselves ...

Other pictures for your enjoyment.

We began here on the floor. Forward head rolls, modified cartwheels, beam, & bars.

Then we went to the trampoline. She was scared at first but then she liked it and didn't want to get off. This is where the second temper tantrum happened. We haven't learned the concept of "taking turns" just yet.

We did walk on a "real" beam next but I forgot to take a picture. She did really well with that. Then we got to play and jump in the blocks. She REALLY liked that.

And then we have a happy gymnast. I hope our 2nd training time next Tuesday is less stressful for mommy! :)