Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me & my cousins

All five cousins (and Freeman grandchildren)
Pictured L to R: Patrick, Kathleen, Erin, Micah, & Mary Audrey

More MISC pics ...

Watch me rollover ... ready. set. GO!

MA is a thumb-sucker. It is not too bad right now and I hope it doesn't get any worse.

Wild hair is a daily occurence. I was just able to capture it in a picture. WHEW!
What do you think about this "devilish" smile? I bet she throws those eyes on her daddy and he'll give her whatever she wants. What do you think?

The Wagon

We are so excited about the new warm temperatues we are experiencing in MS. We just wish they would stay consistent. On one of the warm days, we took Mary Audrey out riding in her new wagon. She absolutely loves being outside and cries when we have to come inside. I think that may be a sign of the future.

Being a good girl ... Reading her Baptist Record! :)

We had wagon trouble along the way ... But Mr. Scott (a colleague and fellow church member) was there with tools and strength to assist John in getting the wagon back together. Thank Mr. Scott, Ms. Sheila, & Darby! :)

MISC Pictures

Mary Audrey (MA as she is so affectionately known as) has been eating cereal for several weeks now but momma (me) got very tired of trying to get the cereal in her mouth while she was bouncing to ceiling and back in her bouncy seat. So...I remedied that. She now sits in her fabulous spacesaver high chair. She loves it and momma loves it too! :)

MA enjoys taking a road trip down to Sturgis to visit her Mammy, Dandy, Aunt Laura, & Uncle Scottie. It looks like Uncle Scottie might be her favorite on this night ... :)

A good exersaucer is hard to come by ... MA loves the "hand-me-down" that Mimi has at her house. Jo Jo sent mom home with one because the trips had outgrown the two they had. MA could not ask for anything better!

Big Church

Well ... after snow day was over, we went to evening church worship and found out there was no childcare provided that night. Soooo, Mary Audrey came to big church with us. It looks like she enjoyed it!

Monday, March 2, 2009

More snow pictures ...

Let it Snow

It happened ... it snowed in MS! It was beautiful but it melted too quickly. John and I took Mary Audrey out in the snow for approximately 30 seconds in order to get some pictures of her 1st snow.

Since morning church services were cancelled, our friends, Brad & Allison, came over with donuts and we had fun eating, drinking coffee, and playing with Mary Audrey.

We went to church sunday night and there was no child care so MA had to come to big church with us. She did great and really enjoyed reading the hymnal. Precious!

Daddy's girl ...

Onesie says ... "Daddy did my Hair"

Winter Hats

We love a good winter hat. This hat was John's when he was little. She looks so cute in it!

I told John that Mary Audrey looked like the character in Fat Albert in the picture below.

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Mary Audrey could be mistaken for Tigger ... she is a bouncin' fool!!! She will literally bounce herself out of the seat. See for yourself ...