Monday, November 24, 2008

Denim Diva

More Smiles than Frowns ...

Mary Audrey is 9-weeks old today. She definately has more smiles than frowns now. She is playing a lot more and "talking" to me and others all the time. I just love being a mom and staying at home, for now. No word on day care yet but we are continuing to pray about it. Hopefully the right place will open soon.

Mary Audrey will get her first round of shots tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 25. Please pray that goes well and we don't have any major problems.

Bouncey Seat

Mary Audrey is am finally starting to love her bouncey seat which is a wonderful help to me so I can get a few things done around the house. She still has to be asleep before she will go in her swing. One of the pictures below is of her after she woke up one time in her swing. She had a gown on and it had creeped up on her ...

Bad Hair Days

The hair is just out of control sometimes even though I try to keep it tamed! Of course, we still get the same response from people when we are out and about ... "That baby has a head full of hair!"

Bath Time!

Mary Audrey loves bath time. And momma loves her hooded towels ... she looks so cute!

And her daddy loves when she throws her arms ... :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Our kitty cat enjoyed her first halloween this year. Her daddy had a great time getting her dressed and taking her trick or treating at both grandparents houses. They had free face painting at Wal-Mart so we took advantage of that. I think she is so precious!!!

"Do I look like a kitty cat, daddy?" John took this after we she had gotten her face painted at Wal-Mart.

"I'm ready to trick or treat!"

My precious little kitty cat looking so pitiful!

Showing off my belly.

Notice ... I even have a pink tail!

6-weeks old ...

Here are some recent pictures of Mary Audrey. She is continuing to grow and develop each day. She is up to 9 lbs 12 oz now and is starting to smile just a little. She is definately a momma's girl right now since she spends all day everyday with me. John and I have ventured out to dinner a couple of times by ourselves. The first time was a disaster ... I cried the whole time we were gone. I am getting better at being away from her now. I know I need that time by myself (and with John) to recharge my (and our) batteries!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and enjoy the pictures.

I know Mary Audrey thinks I am crazy for taking this up close picture! She is tired of the camera being in her face.

How could you NOT love a little one sleeping so peacefully. She is just so loveable! :)

Mary Audrey had several Halloween onesies. So we started celebrating a little early. This is her ghost onesie. It did glow in the dark! Precious -- :)

John bought this onesie a while ago ... We loved it. Her onesie says "This IS my costume."

She is getting more dramatic each day. She even has halloween socks to go with her onesie! :)

She dislikes her swing so I have to "fake" her out by letting her go to sleep and then put her in swing to sleep. However, she is not strong enough to stay sitting up so she leans all the way over when she sleeps. It is so cute but sad at the same time.

The halloween junkies!

I'm so excited about going trick or treating!

A wild hair night ... :)