Monday, November 15, 2010


We have had visitors on our property lately. They come almost everyday and night. MA is fascinated with them. See for yourself ...

Momma deer and baby.

The lone deer.

Other things happening around our house ... TRAVEL. I've been gone, then John left and came back and then went again. We are all back under one roof now. MA doesn't like for her daddy to be gone. She wakes up every morning and asks me, "Where daddy go?"

We are getting excited about the upcoming holidays and company that will be coming. Here is a fall scene around Starkville and a MA happy. :)

Jackson Street in Starkville. Beautiful! :)

MA's new fall hat. Can't wait for her to wear it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Party Videos

The following are selected videos that show Mary Audrey's ever-evolving personality. Thank you Stuart Ryan Wright for being the man behind the camera phone to capture these for us! :)

First gift she opens ...

Need more Cowbell

Cleaning Cart

Official Birthday Party

We actually had Mary Audrey's official birthday party this weekend. Yes, I know its been 6 weeks since her real birthday (Sept 22) but we were in the height of remodeling and moving during her birthday so we delayed the actual party. Just so you don't call DHS on us, we did celebrate her birthday on her birthday at McDonald's and it included other people than me and John and we had cupcakes. Now that we have that cleared up, on to the party.

My good friend Betsey has been encouraging me to make Mary Audrey's birthday cake, including the homemade baker's icing. I really didn't want to but I thought I would give this a try. I do like to bake/cook but it is not as convenient has it used to be! *wink* *wink* Anyways, I did bake the cake and make the icing and from my reviews it turned out well. I have some work to do with food coloring and decorating. Mary Audrey enjoyed it and that is all that matters. :) Thank you Bets for the encouragment and letting me borrow all of your supplies!!!

Here are some pictures from the party.

The Cake! I wanted the icing to be a lime green but it came out like pale green. So, there informs you about the professional development I need regarding food coloring. Personally, I thought it was pretty good for my first time.

MA eating the icing off the side of the cake.

Our family.

MA loved unwrapping all of her gifts. I forsee that Christmas will be a lot of fun this year.

Aunt Gigi, Uncle Jo Jo, E-ya, & the trips sent MA this tutu that included a wand and bracelets. She didn't take it off for quite some time. It is so CUTE!

Can't leave any cards out. They are very important.

MA being the ham that she is ... :)

October in Review ...

Here are a few pics of things we have done in October.

Visited our friends in Vicksburg, Jacob, Kara, Jake, & Presley Brister. We had so much fun and appreciate the Brister's adjusting their schedule for us. Bristers, we expect to see you in Starkville very soon!

L to R: Presley, Jake, & Mary Audrey

Fall School Pictures at FBC Creative Learning Center

Had 2-year old pictures made with Leslie Burton of Sisters Photography (

Went to the State Fair in Jackson/Hayride at the Ag Museum

Played at the Park in Jackson

MSU Football

PumpkinPalooza in Starkville and Fall Festival at FBC

Miss Vampire Bat

Mary Audrey and Hannah, Cousin Chris and Amanda's girl.

House Updates

Well we have moved in and are trying to get settled. There is still nothing on the walls and John and I want to wait and buy what we want instead of having just "filler." So ... it will come with time. I still have NOT taken pictures of the transformation inside. But here is the outside picture.